Creative Team

Team Elephant consists of:

Andy Uehara

Andy Uehara is a graduate student in the Interactive Media program at the University of Southern California. In the past, Andy threw grenades and screamed obscenities in the United States Marine Corps. Andy is interested in the intersection of play, education, and technology. He is the co-creator of the Combiform gaming platform ( Combiform uses custom game controllers that are designed to break down the invisible wall between players interacting together. Andy also co-developed Combiform Shooter, a game built on the Combiform platform, which was a semi-finalist at the 2010 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Combiform Shooter is a shoot’em up that allows players to experience their fantasy as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Recently Andy designed another game for the Combiform platform, Bisho Bisho Bailout, which won the Most Innovative Game award and was runner-up for the Best in Show award at the 2010 Meaningful Play Conference. In Bisho Bisho Bailout, players must cooperate to fight the rising tide by physically combining their controllers and jointly directing the movement and actions of their characters.

Casey China

Casey China is a public health professional with interest in the potential for games to improve individual and population health, including the physical, psychological and social environment factors that impact health and well-being. Her previous work includes Health Detective, a game introducing students to field epidemiology and the steps of disease outbreak investigation, for which she was co-creator, including game design, artist, and public health advisor. She was level designer for Fox Sokoban, a multi-player clone of theSokoban puzzle game, and game artist for Japanese Numbers Banzai!, a program designed to teach children Japanese numbers through auditory and visual recognition. Casey graduated from Brown University with a BA in Psychology and completed her Master of Public Health degree at the University of Washington.

Michael Annetta