EitR_Logo_Color_BlkOnWhtElephant in the Relationship is a game for 4 to 10 players (2 to 5 teams) in which players try to communicate deeply troubling relationship issues. Players take on the roles of two people in a personal relationship and turn the drama of a potentially risky (or intimate) interaction into spectacle for a group to enjoy. The game fuses Pictionary-style drawing and guessing mechanics with elements of doll-play and improvisational theater, asking players to place themselves into a difficult emotional scenario with their partner. The game includes a whiteboard arena, dry-erase markers, dry-erase dolls (or “Elephigurines”) and a deck of relationship issues (or “Elephants”). Using only the tools at hand, a player tries to get their teammate to guess the unspeakable relationship issue. By inserting players directly into the representational world of the drawing space, the game encourages empathy, divergent thinking, novel communication strategies, and a good time.

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